In general, who would like To Kill a Mockingbird? Why do you think so?

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To Kill a Mockingbird has captivated generations of readers because of the characters, themes, lessons, and nostalgic feel of the novel.  There is a reason why the novel is universally taught in 8th, 9th, and 10th grade classrooms across this country, and, when asked, many readers will place To Kill a Mockingbird on their top 10 list of favorite books. 

To have characters you can identify with is something that makes a novel timeless.  Scout’s tomboy ways, Boo Radley’s mysterious life, and Atticus’ wise, fatherly demeanor adds to the popularity of the novel for many people.  Scout’s innocence and intelligence is seen as a vibrant part of a character in which we can all identify.  The development of all the characters from Jem to Mrs. Dubose adds to the intrigue and accessibility of the novel for people of all ages.

The major themes and lessons that we take from the novel also add to the novel’s importance.  Tolerance, the effects of racism, respect, and family are just a few themes that make the novel powerful.  When a reader can learn from something they read, the book becomes a memorable and unforgettable resource in which one can learn life lessons and can acquire personal values and beliefs.  To Kill a Mockingbird is one such novel that has done that for many readers.

The novel also has the ability to take us all back to our childhoods when life was simpler and easier than life as adults.  To Kill a Mockingbird is a coming of age novel where Jem and Scout grow and mature from the things they learn and the events they experience.   The melding of the innocence of childhood with the maturity of social issues like racism, abuse, and violence allows the reader to become connected to the characters as they experience and grow in an imperfect society.

So, to answer your question, I feel To Kill a Mockingbird is a book for any generation.  As a teacher, I always tell my students to reread the novel when they are older as well.  Every time I read it, I learn something new, remember something important, and lose myself in the antics of Jem and Scout. 

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