From The Reluctant Fundamentalist, what is the general statement being made in the following quote:  "I perceived that there was something broken behind them..."

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The general statement that can be taken from this quote is that Changez recognizes fairly quickly that there is another dimension to Erica, something that exists beneath the surface and yields more insight into who she is as  a person.  This had been there before, but Changez is recognizing fairly quickly that what lies beneath the surface is an element that is "broken."  This indicates a vast divergence between what is shown and what actually is.  It is interesting to note that Changez compares this to a diamond, or some kind of flaw that represents beauty.  When Changez will develop more in his trajectory of characterization and reflect on this same condition in America, it will become clear that he sees little beauty in it when talking about the nature of what he sees the nation as.  In the quote, the general statement of what is being made is that Changez's development of understanding is like a magnifying glass that is able to discern the fundamental difference between what appears to be and what is, something that he is able to explore in his initial understanding of Erica and later extrapolate to his understanding of America.


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