In "The Most Dangerous Game", the General names three reasons why a person is the "ideal animal to hunt." What are 3?

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In the story, the General says that a human being is the ideal animal to hunt. He maintains that a human being possesses three traits that an animal does not. First, the human being has the capacity to be courageous. Second, a human being possesses the ability to deceive. Third, a human being has the ability to think logically.

The General argues that these three traits make human beings ideal quarries. In the story, the General tells Rainsford that he only hunts the "scum of the earth," the sailors from "tramp ships." Tramp ships are ships that don't follow any particular route or adhere to any particular schedule. They are essentially cargo ships for hire, moving material on demand. The word "tramp" refers to "beggar" or "vagabond." Tramp ships have to petition merchants for work; they are independent contractors and are not affiliated with any maritime company.

Since many of these ships hire unsavory characters, Rainsford believes that these men should be fair game in his diabolical sport.

If I wish to hunt, why should I not? I hunt the scum of the earth: sailors from tramp ships—lassars, blacks, Chinese, whites, mongrels—a thoroughbred horse or hound is worth more than a score of them."

To the General, sailors from tramp ships have just enough cunning, courage, and analytical ability to make the "hunt" interesting for him. He boasts that he has always prevailed in any hunt against the sailors. It's obvious that winning feeds the General's considerable ego.

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During Rainsford's first meal with General Zaroff, the general explains how he became bored with hunting dangerous animals because they ceased to provide him with a challenge. He proceeds to tell Rainsford that instinct is no match for reason, which is why he has decided to solely hunt humans on his private island. General Zaroff goes on to say that man is the ideal animal to hunt because humans possess three important attributes. The three attributes that humans possess are courage, cunning, and the ability to reason. Unlike animals, man's ability to reason and think logically give a person an advantage over an animal during the hunt. Humans are naturally more intelligent than animals and can intellectually compete with the general while they are being hunted, which provides Zaroff with a more challenging and exciting experience.

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According to Zaroff, humans have the ideal qualities to be the best prey becasue they are:

1.  courageous 2. cunning  3. have the ability to reason

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