In general, is human nature essentially good or evil or somewhere in between? how is this view applied too "Jekyll and Hyde"?

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In The Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde, Stevenson paints a portrait of human nature that suggests very much that human nature is somewhere in between good and evil and that most people have something of both inside of them.

One of the ways that he portrays this dichotomy is the way that the somewhat more evil side of the man is so incredibly powerful, physically and mentally, suggesting that not only is there some division within the nature of man, there are connections to physical things as well.

The other important part of the picture that Stevenson paints has to do with the artificial attempts to separate the two natures of man or to mess with what has been created without a clear understanding or moral approach.  This is arguably what leads to the horrible conflict of the story because the unnatural separation leads to a split within the mind of the Dr.

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