In general, coupons are more common on small ticket items than on big-ticket items. Explain why.

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The small ticket items are the items that are used on a daily basis. People purchase these items all the time, especially if they have families. For example, coupons are very common of food products. People eat food every day so it constantly needs to be replaced.

Another reason that coupons are less common on big ticket items is because people usually do not purchase big ticket items all the time. When they purchase a big ticket item such as a refrigerator, it is going to last for years. It will not need to be replaced for a very long time. Usually these larger items do not have coupons but just go sale.

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Because the small ticket items are leader items.  The idea is to get the customer in the door to save money on something small and then entice them into purchasing the more expensive items.  If you give a customer a coupon for 25% off a gallon of milk  but then they buy a whole cart full of regularly priced items, you've come out way ahead.  If you give them $20 off of a DVD player and they end up buying the large flat screen TV to go with it, then you've once again come out way ahead in sales.

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