How do gender roles influence Much Ado About Nothing? Are there any quotes that support the answer?

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One of the best examples of the limitations of gender roles occurs after Hero is denounced.  Beatrice is despondent that she, as a woman, can not challenge Claudio for what he has done.  She wants to act out her rage at the injustice but her position as a woman and her weaker physical form limits her from doing so.  Here is the exchange between herself and Benedick:

Is there any way to show such friendship?

A very even way, but no such friend.

May a man do it?

It is a man's office, but not yours. 



Is Claudio thine enemy?

Is he not approved in the height a villain, that
hath slandered, scorned, dishonoured my kinswoman? O
that I were a man! What, bear her in hand until they
come to take hands; and then, with public
accusation, uncovered slander, unmitigated...

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