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Explain how this quote relates to the idea that the stereotypical roles of men and women are continuing to grow. Explain how this quote said by sociology professor Michael Bittman from the University of New England relate to the idea that the stereotypical roles of men and women are growing non-stop. “While husbands commit to careers to provide for families, a woman’s employment often becomes little more than a supplement to family income,” he explained.

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It really is hard to argue persuasively that stereotypical sex roles of men and women are continuing to grow.  There are still certainly stereotypes about men and women, but they are growing less salient to most people.

However, if we assume that stereotypical roles are actually continuing to grow, this quote relates to the idea because it points out that women are not taken seriously as the primary breadwinners in families.  It is saying that most people do not think that a woman's income is as important as that of the man when it comes to supporting the family.  That perpetuates the idea that providing for a family is a role fit only for a man.

Overall, what Bittman is actually saying in this article is that women give their jobs up to have children and thereby reduce their potential earnings.  This is not directly stated in your quote, though.  Both the quote and the article are saying, however, that there is a stereotype that says that men should provide and that women should not.

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