The Black Cat Questions and Answers
by Edgar Allan Poe

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The Black Cat Short Summary

Please give me a brief summary of "The Black Cat."

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The narrator of "The Black Cat" introduces the tale by saying the events of his story have terrified him and represent "little but Horror," but he thinks the story may seem quite ordinary to other people. He also claims he is not "mad," or insane, which seems like a red flag from the beginning. Why would a sane man introduce himself by saying he is not insane? 

The narrator goes on to describe his childhood. He says he was known for being "docile" and for his particular love of animals. He preferred spending time with pets to being in human company. This information is ironic given what happens later in the story.

He continues by discussing his wife, who has a similar personality to his own. They have numerous pets, including a beautiful black cat named Pluto, who is described as "sagacious to an astonishing degree." The narrator's wife is superstitious about black cats, so the narrator takes care of the cat himself. He and the cat have an intense bond and are nearly inseparable.


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