Is Gatsby's quest noble? Are the methods he uses in order to achieve his quest noble?

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According to Google's Dictionary, being noble is "having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals." If we try to apply these characteristics to Gatsby, he falls pretty short.

Although Nick really seems to believe in the nobility and honesty of Gatsby's character, Gatsby is a far cry from the man Nick believes him to be. Let's consider some of his moral principles and ideals which aren't exactly of high quality:

  • He is in love with a married woman.
  • He very intentionally tries to sway this married woman to leave her husband and be with him instead.
  • This same married woman is a mother. Gatsby never inquires about or offers any sort of promises to young Pammy. She's fairly forgotten in the entire story and in Gatsby's plans.
  • Gatsby uses Nick on some level to get closer to Gatsby. Remember that it is Nick's house that Gatsby chooses for his initial meeting with Daisy.
  • Gatsby is willing to lie to the police to cover Daisy's crimes.
  • He has amassed a fortune via illegal...

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