In "The Great Gatsby," is Jay Gatsby a secretive person?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the novel "The Great Gatsby," Jay Gatsby is the protagonist who suddenly appears in West Egg, Long Island, New York. He appears to own a large home and throws huge parties.  He does not share with anyone exactly where he earned his money but rumors run rampant.  He was from a mother and father who were farmers and so poor that Gatsby refused to acknowledge them.  He went into the army which he will talk about easily, he went to Oxford to further his education.  When he gets out of the army he gets involved in various money making schemes which he will not talk about because they were illegal.  His relationship with Meyer Wolfsheim, a known player in the underworld, certainly gives Gatsby reason to be careful of who he discloses information to.

Gatsby is a dreamer, he is an idealist, is he secretive?  To a point yes.  He is a mystery for sure and although there are parts of his life he will share, there are also many gaps and unknowns that he won't share.  This creates rumors, speculation, and meanness from the ones who don't trust him.  He won't tell enough about his past to end the rumors so in that way he is secretive.  He is very open with Nick about his love for Daisy, but won't talk about his family.  Like most people Jay has skeletons in his closets. 

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