Is Gatsby blind to his pursuit of ambition?

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes. In a way, Jay Gatsby is not aware of the dangers of becoming corrupted by the pursuit of attaining the American Dream. As a young, naive man, Gatsby is driven to become wealthy and enter the upper-class. Gatsby's ambition blinds his sense of right and wrong and motivates him to enter the illegal bootlegging industry, where he becomes business partners with Meyer Wolfsheim. Essentially, Gatsby believes that he will be able to buy his happiness, and ends up sacrificing his morals and identity. Gatsby then transforms himself into an aristocrat, who hails from a wealthy family. Gatsby's ambition to marry Daisy also blinds him into believing that he will be able to have a genuine relationship with her. Overall, Gatsby's ambition motivates him to sacrifice his morals, integrity, and identity in order to attain the American Dream.

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