Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry

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In Gathering Blue, what is Kira’s fear?

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In the novel Gathering Blue, Kira has several fears. At the beginning of the book, Kira finds herself alone after her mother has become ill and died. At this point, she fears the aloneness and the uncertainty that encompasses her in her present situation. Kira fears that she is a burden due to her crippled leg. Even though she works every day in the weaving shed, her value as a laborer is diminished because of her disability. In chapter 1 in particular, Kira fears being alone. The text states that after her mother dies, she has no family left. This loneliness leaves her questioning her capacity to provide fire, food, and water for herself. Although Kira has a gift for weaving and making colors, she questions her ability to finish the Singer's Robe. She also fears that she will not be able to make the colors and measure up to Council Edifice's standards. The power of her ability and magic scares her. The text states that Kira "sounded a little frightened when she talked about it" (p. 144). At various times throughout the book, Kira fears what will happen to other children. She shows kindness and compassion to characters such as Matty, Thomas, and Jo, who receive love and attention from Kira. She tries to comfort and protect them as much as she can.

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