In Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry, what are ten of the most important events that happened?

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These kinds of questions are often best left to individual readers. There isn't a definitive list of ten items that all readers are going to agree with, but I do recommend including items on the list that either drive events of the story forward or cause a character change of some kind.

The death of Kira's mother is likely an event that should be listed because Kira's mother was hugely important in terms of keeping Kira safe from the culture of the village. Kira was born with a lame leg, and the villagers wanted to let her die because of it. Kira's mother saved her from that fate. Now that Kira's mother is gone, Kira is forced to fend for herself right away.

That battle starts the moment she returns from taking her mother's body out to the field. Vandara wants Kira's home site. Kira bravely defends it by using community law. Vandara turns away with plans to bring Kira before the Council. Kira goes before the council. The council decides to let her live and work as a weaver. Then, Kira...

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