Gathering Blue

by Lois Lowry

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In Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry, what are ten of the most important events that happened?

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These kinds of questions are often best left to individual readers. There isn't a definitive list of ten items that all readers are going to agree with, but I do recommend including items on the list that either drive events of the story forward or cause a character change of some kind.

The death of Kira's mother is likely an event that should be listed because Kira's mother was hugely important in terms of keeping Kira safe from the culture of the village. Kira was born with a lame leg, and the villagers wanted to let her die because of it. Kira's mother saved her from that fate. Now that Kira's mother is gone, Kira is forced to fend for herself right away.

That battle starts the moment she returns from taking her mother's body out to the field. Vandara wants Kira's home site. Kira bravely defends it by using community law. Vandara turns away with plans to bring Kira before the Council. Kira goes before the council. The council decides to let her live and work as a weaver. Then, Kira moves to the Council Edifice and furthers her skills by learning from Annabella. Annabella dies, and Kira suspects Jamison as the cause of Annabella's death. The tension continues to escalate as her suspicions grow and the Gathering grows closer, and then Kira discovers that her dad isn't dead—her dad reveals that it was Jamison who attacked him and left him to die. Kira plans to leave with her father, but she changes her mind in order to finish the robe she wishes to create rather than the robe the council wishes her to create.

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Gathering Blue, by Lois Lowry, is the book following The Giver. This story is about a girl named Kira. There are many important events in this novel. Here is a list of ten of the most important events from the story:

1. Katarina, Kira's mother dies. Kira must drag her mother to the Field of the Living and watch her body for four days.

2. Before her death, Katarina insists on keeping her daughter alive even though Kira was born with a bad leg.

3. Kira's friend Matt warns her that a lady named Vandara wants to take Kira's home and use it as a daycare.

4. Kira is forced to go to court against Vandara to save her own life.

5. During her trial, a young guardian named Jamison convinces the Council of Elders to allow Kira to stay because she is a great weaver and also the granddaughter of a former chief guardian.

6. Kira is required to live in the Council Edifice and to work as a weaver. Here, she meets Thomas the Carver.

7. Kira visits Annabella to master weaving. Annabella teachers her the names of plants and how to dye her thread. She learns that these plants can be found "yonder".

8. Thomas and Kira hear a child crying in the night.

9. Kira learns that there are no wild beasts and that her father may be alive.

10. Thomas and Kira visit Jo, the child they heard crying in the night.

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Ten key events in Gathering Blue are:

1. Kira's mother's spirit drifts away. As the story opens, Kira's mother has been dead for four days, but the drifting away of her spirit means Kira can return to the village from where she has been watching over the body in the Field of Leaving.

2. Vandara and the women challenge Kira for the space on which her family cott had stood. Vandara agrees to bring Kira before the Council of Guardians.

3. Kira goes to trial before the Council of Guardians, and her life is spared.

4. Kira moves into the Council Edifice and becomes Kira the Threader.

5. Kira meets Thomas and they become friends.

6. When Kira visits Annabella in the forest and learns about the dyes, Annabella tells her "there be no beasts."

7. Kira and Thomas befriend the child Singer, sparking the realization that the guardians are gathering artists to perform at their command.

8. Kira and Thomas visit the Fen in search of Matt and find he has gone on a journey to get his friends a "giftie."

9. Kira meets her father and learns the truth about her community and Jamison. 

10. Kira decides to stay behind when her father returns to his village.

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