A gaseous mixture of nitrogen and oxygen has a total pressure of 700 torr.The partial pressure of nitrogen is 700 torr.What is the partial pressure of oxygen?

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Partial pressure is the pressure of a specific gas inside a container of mixture of gasses. For example in a container with gasses A, B  and C. The total pressure is composed of the sum of the partial pressures of A, B and C. Therefore we can write it in an equation as follows:

P = P( gas A) + P ( gas B) + P (gas C)

In your problem, the partial pressure of Nitrogen is the same as the total pressure of the container. This only show one thing: oxygen did not exist in the container. Because as the definition of partial pressure, oxygen should exist a pressure in the container so that we can see that it contain Oxygen gas per se. 


**please check the value of the partial pressure of nitrogen gas; it may have been overwritten.


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