Gas is contained in a tank at a pressure of 10 atm and a temperature of 15C. If one half of the gas is withdrawn and the temperature is raised to 65C, what is the new pressure in the tank? 

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jeew-m eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here we have to understand the situation.

Here the mass of the gas is changing or amount of moles in the gas is changing. Since we have a tank to retain gas the volume of gas will remain constant.

Using `PV = nRT`


For first case

`P = 10`

`V = V`

`n = n1`

`T = 273+15 = 288`


`10xxV = n1xxRxx288---(1)`


In the second case the mass of the gas is halved. That means the amount of moles is also halved.


For second case

`P = ?`

`V = V`

`n = (n1)/2`

`T = 273+65 = 338`


` PV = (n1)/2xxRxx338 ---(2)`




`P/10 = ((1/2)xx338)/(288)`

`P = 5.87 atm`


So the final pressure of the gas is 5.87atm



Gas act as an ideal gas