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In "The Garden Party" by Katherine Mansfield, who are the antagonists of the story, and besides Laura, who else could qualify to be a protagonist?

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I think you could argue that the one of the primary antagonists of the story is the young man who died on the day of the party. It is his death that ultimately has the most profound affect on Laura and her understanding of life and death.

Before the news of the young man's death, the day is a beautiful picture of loveliness. Laura is eating bread and butter, pretending to have more power than she really has as she orders the workers around, and engaging in rather silly chatter with her mother and siblings. Once she hears of the accident and the man's death, she immediately thinks the party should be cancelled. This reaction is perfect proof of her youth and naivete. She thinks that the life events of the lower classes should affect her, and her mother scoffs at the very thought of that idea -- essentially questioning why on earth...

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