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Gangsta rap is misogynistic. Discuss. hi i have to write a eassy on gangsta rap: is gangsta rap show bad image on woman.. plzz help me out so confessed about this question    

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cfett eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Remember that misogyny, for all intents and purposes, is degradation of women.  Keeping in mind that not all rap itself is misogynistic, there are many songs under the "gangsta rap" genre that are misogynistic.  For example, some people consider Snoop Dogg a "gangsta rapper," and in one of his most famous songs, he claims,"B****** ain't s***, but hos and tricks, lick on these b**** and suck the d***," even further perpetuating the stereotype that "gangsta rap" is demeaning to women.  Also consider Lil' Jon's song "Get Low," in which he tells a woman to "shake that a**...shake it fast...shake that a** to the left and the right...." Imagine if a woman were to sing/rap something like that about a man (misandry)!  It happens, but it's rare -- and people find that laughable, but misogyny in rap lyrics is totally commonplace and accepted!

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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It is pretty hard to argue with this statement.  The stereotypical gangsta rap about women talks about "bitches" and "hos" and does not portray women in any other light.  The only way really to argue that this is not misogynistic is to claim that it is a spoof, that it is just macho posturing that is not meant to be taken seriously.

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mjay25 | Student

You could argue that many popular representations of 'gangsta rap' reinforce misogynistic views, as women are derogatorily referred to as 'bitches' and other names. You could show examples of this by referring to some rap-music and music videos.

It's a stereotype that is often reinforced and portrayed that 'gangsta rap' culture is misogynistic in nature. You could perhaps, also look at how women are generally represented in 'gangsta rap'. Do they seem to be used, for men's pleasure, to be half-naked and succumb to male desire? Are they represented as slaves? Are there lyrics within the music that encourage hitting a woman if she disagrees? If the answer is yes, all these things support the argument that 'gangsta rap' is misogynistic in nature.

You could show how for the most part, women are very much mistreated, but that there are some 'gangsta rappers' who do try to respect women, and don't talk about them in such a derogatory manner.

For the most part, such misogynistic tendencies are clear through the lyrics and depictions of women in music videos, which are in contrast to the image displayed of the strong, powerful and ruthless  male 'gangsta rapper'. To provide some balance to your argument, and to discuss this issue further, you could look at some female 'gangsta rappers' - and see whether they show misandry - the opposite of misogyny.