In 'Games at Twilight', how is the interaction among the children from a social theory perspective?Analyse the interaction among the children from a social theory perspective..

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Social theory, otherwise known as Sociological Perspective, systematically examines social behaviors and social groups. Originating during the enlightenment period, this theory examined the self regarding spiritual insight. This also examined how people interacted within a group.

In regards to Anita Desai's story "Games at Twilight", one could examine the treatment of Ravi by his older siblings. The older siblings continuously tell Ravi that he is a baby. This tends to damage his own personal understanding, or lack of understanding, of who he is (enlightenment). Ravi feels inferior and lacks satisfaction with his life. Given his insecurities, one could justify that the story examines his life through a Sociological perspective's lens.

Ravi's escape into the dark garage supports the fact that he does not feel as if he can be a true part of the group (examination of social groups within a society--Ravi's family). Given that, in the end, he removes himself from children's play all together, he admits that he has no place in the social group of his family.

esther78 | Student

“Don’t be a fool,” Raghu said roughly, pushing him aside, and even Mira said, “ stop howling, Ravi. If you want to play, you can stand at the end of line,”

From the text above, we can see the rejection from Ravi’s siblings. He wanted to join the new game but  his siblings refused. They proceeded the game without taking concern of Ravi’s feeling. I would say that there is a conflict  among these children. The other siblings  seems do not like Ravi, especially Raghu, the eldest in the siblings.

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