In "Games at Twilight" by Anita Desai, explain the character of Raghu.

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Raghu is just a minor character in this excellent short story, with the main focus being on Ravi and his sensitivity and development. However, we are given a number of indications about Raghu and his character. He is Ravi's elder brother, and seems to be presented as a typical boy. He is quick to fight and show his physical dominance over Ravi at the beginning as they argue about who is to be It in their game. He likewise protests when he is selected to be It by fair means. He clearly thinks a lot of himself and regards himself as being superior to others. Consider this quote after Raghu has captured his first victim, Manu.

"I know I have to, idiot," Raghu said, superciliously kicking him with his toe. "You're dead," he said with satisfaction, licking the beads of perspiration off his upper lip, and then stalked off in search of worthier prey, whistling spiritedly so that the hiders should hear and tremble.

Certainly Ravi himself is fearful of Raghu and his "long, hefty, hairy footballer legs." However, the above quote does show the sense of phsyical dominance that Raghu feels he possesses, and how he likes to be a bit of a bully and flaunt his strength in the face of the weakness of the other characters. This of course would make Ravi's victory against Raghu all the more glorious.

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