`g(t) = 2/(3t^2)` Use the rules of differentiation to find the derivative of the function.

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mathace eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Given: `g(t)=2/(3t^2)`

First rewrite the function as `g(t)=(2t^-2)/3`

Find the derivative of the function by using the power rule.



The derivative is `g'(t)=-4/(3t^3)`


loves2learn | Student

Using a Quotient rule:




`y'=((0)(3t^2)-(2)(6t))/(3t^2)^2 `

Simplify it all down,

`y'=-4/(3t^3) `

Note that you should get the same answer if you used a product rule. If you don't, then check your answer because you must have made a mistake along the way.