The future of IT fieldHow do you think technology industry will change within the next decade? What impact does that have on careers in the IT field?   Any topics is fine. Outsourcing, artificial...

The future of IT field

How do you think technology industry will change within the next decade? What impact does that have on careers in the IT field?


Any topics is fine. Outsourcing, artificial intelligence, salary, medical field

I just need some ideas. Thanks in advance!

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enotechris eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since the days of the "big iron" machines, the question of what it means to think has had to be constantly revised.  The computer, whether composed of all mechanical parts, vacuum tubes, or integrated circuits has represented the extension of human thought processes.  It has, in fact, been used as a model for how brains function, and that study has curiously influenced how computers are designed.

As processing power continues to increase and the cost decrease, the applicability of this technology will become even more widespread.  Someday soon, perhaps within our lifetimes, the computer hardware may indeed surpass the capability of human wetware, and the clones or borgs or robots of science fiction will be science fact.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
As technology becomes more complicated, so will information technology. Artificial intelligence is a logical area for exploration. We need machines that can think. It begins with computers and smart phones, and eventually extends to appliances and home electrical systems. We have robot vacuum cleaners and cars that can parallel park. Who knows what's next?
krishna-agrawala | Student

Information technology (IT) has developed very fast during last 40 years or so and continues to do. Because of IT's fast growth and It and its impact on the world, the current era we are passing through is often called the age of information revolution.

There is hardly any field of human endeavour today that has not changed and improved because of application if information technology, and more developments continue to take place in all these fields.

Thus many developments are taking place in all the four fields mentioned in post #1, that is outsourcing, artificial intelligence, salary, and medical. However, I believe the areas that offers maximum scope of work and improvement is artificial intelligence. The benefits of information that have accrued from use of information technology so far accrue primarily from capabilities of computers and other physical equipments such as sensors, and robots in terms of speed of processing and transmitting information, precise sensing of physical variables and precise action. The major limitation of the IT system has been the ability to think or in other words intelligence.

In spite of seemingly superiority of decisions taken by computers, the fact remains that computers today can only act in ways that are predefined and programmed by humans. Artificial intelligence aims to extent the capabilities of computers to decide independently even in areas where no specific instructions have been programmed by humans.

A lot of work is already being done in the area of artificial intelligence and it is expected to grow very fast in next decade.