The future of business cannot be safe if its information is not safe. In light of this statement, how can business organizations ensure system safety?

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I think that internet safety and computer protection is extremely important to the future of business organizations and their information.  This has become critical to all businesses who depend on the internet or on computers for their needs:

Small business owners need to recognize the various threats involved in conducting business over the Internet and establish security policies and procedures to minimize their risks. As a writer for Business Week noted, "With your business ever more dependent on safe use of the Internet, security savvy has become as important as understanding marketing and finance." Internet security measures range from hardware and software protection against hackers and viruses, to training and information programs for employees and system administrators.

I think that the safety of information for businesses depend on the idea of ensuring that there is a particular safety in their use of computers and of technology.  Establishing these good practices with both solutions such as the latest in anti-virus software or the use of firewalls, as well as teaching employees safe internet and computer use habits becomes critical in protecting business information and the safety of business viability in an increasingly technological marketplace.

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