Frost's poem after apple picking's critical appreciation

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In writing the poem“After Apple-Picking” Frost did not usefree verse, but still it is fairly informal. This evocate work has forty-two lines, which vary from two to eleven syllables of length. The rhyme scheme  is quite irregular with quite a few of the rhyme lines being widely separated. The poem hasn't any stanza breaks. The mood is hesitant and sleepy, as if the speaker were about to drop off to sleep and is becoming drowsy and confused. Frost wrote the work in the first person; the speaker  has laboured for hours and is now exhausted by toil and the emotional experience. The day's work events are recalled while thinking about the dream he might have later and may contain,as the poem does, images of the pastoral world. All these memories took place in his orchard where he has climbed a ladder to pick apples, and maybe left it it a bit late to harvest and so he got more tired.