From your personal experience, what would be the most tragic event that has happened to you?How did you in turn handled it and what impact did it have on you at the time? Please explain in as much...

From your personal experience, what would be the most tragic event that has happened to you?

How did you in turn handled it and what impact did it have on you at the time? Please explain in as much detail you can. Thank you very much!

Expert Answers
usbummer eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say it would be either the death of my father from cancer and watching him slowly wilt away at age 62 (I am now 61), or my own divorce which I desperately did not want and for which I was not at fault.

My mother also died but she was 90 and lived a long and inspirational life. My father's life was cut short and, since I was in basic combat training almost 1,000 miles away, I could not be there much in his final weeks. Although mostly inaudible in speech, his last words to me were a very clear "Good Bye." That tore me apart. It still does 39 years after the fact.

Basically I handled it as best I could since I had no other options but to handle it. I do not believe in an after-life so I found some comfort in simply realizing that the cycle of life ends in death for us all, and that allows new life to replace the old. The thought of my own mortality are present at my age but the realization that my genetic message will live on in my two adult children also gives me comfort.

Also, as an organ donor, I have a strange sort of comfort in knowing that some part of my body may yet live as the rest dies.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Obviously, if you need to hand this in as an assignment that is in your own words, you cannot use what we say because it will not match your life at all.

As for me, I have luckily not had much tragedy in my life.  The event that has been most personally tragic for me was the divorce of my younger brother.  I have had my grandparents die, but they were old and it did not affect me (beyond missing them badly).

My younger brother's divorce has been tragic because of the fact that it has led my parents to become very worried and unhappy.  It has led them to be concerned that others of us will have our marriages fall apart (because there was no clue that my little brother's marriage was going to fall apart).  The divorce has also led to us all worrying about the impact on the children and, of course, my brother.

We are simply dealing with it by being as strong as we can and trying to support each other.  There's not any other way...

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Fortunately, I have never had anything really tragic happen. The most uprooting thing that ever happened to me was getting laid off. It is not the same for teachers as everyone else. We wait for months to see if we will be on the list, which I was since I had changed distrtics. Then you wait for months to see if you'll get rehired. I was, but I had accepted a job 100 miles away by then.
ako6777 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Luckily I have not had many events in my life that have been tragic.  I think the worst thing for me would be to loose one of my parents.  I am very close with them and still utilize them as an emotional support.  To loose one of them would be to cut off that emotional support and the love thay have given me all my life.

swimma-logan | Student

I'm gay, and my parents tell me I'm not, because they believe it's a choice. Ergo they feel the need to intervene, and force themselves into my life, as though they're saving me from death itself. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year, and they just found out. As a result, I came out to them again last night, and they simply rejected it. They are determined that I won't see him. But the worst part is that unconditional love a parent inherently has for a child, has just become conditional. I have to choose between them and him, in a way.

Because they don't agree with me being gay, they bash it. Thump me in the head with the bible, and destroy whatever self-esteem I may have had. Their plan is to make it impossible for me to love him, because I can't even love myself. I think it's working...