From your own experience, identify and describe a situation that clearly illustrates the model of pedagogy. Explain why this situation applies to this model.

Expert Answers
Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are various models of pedagogy, each theorizing a unique philosophy of teaching, learning, and the role and purpose of education. One model that has been particularly important in the U.S. social justice movement is critical pedagogy. Critical pedagogy emphasizes the agency of all humans to act in the world and change their environment. It supports the idea teaching and learning are collaborative efforts involving the active participation of both teacher and student. Within this framework, action and reflection -- that is, reflecting on one's actions and the results thereof - are the most important learning processes. As a human rights advocacy trainer, I have participated in many projects based on this model. A group of learners will identify a problem or community need, develop and execute a plan of action, reflect upon the efficacy of that plan, and then repeat the process.