From the beginning, Stargirl sticks out at Mica High School. What are some of the ways that it was easy to tell immediately that she was "different" from other students?

Stargirl sticks out at Mica High School for many reasons. She carries a ukulele and plays it wherever she goes. She doesn't wear makeup and has different-colored hair. Additionally, she wears an old wedding gown to school frequently. Even her name differentiates her from the other students.

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  • First of all, Stargirl sticks out like a sore thumb at Mica High due to her unusual name. Who ever heard of someone called Stargirl? It's all too weird for the newbie's fellow students.
  • Then there are the clothes she wears. She goes around wearing what appears to be an old wedding gown, certainly not the kind of thing you'd ordinarily see someone wearing at school. But then, as...

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