In the story "The Lady, or the Tiger," what does the princess know about the lady behind the door?

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clane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The princess knew that her lover had been arrested and she suspected the reason. She paid dearly for knowledge that not event he king himself had and that was which door the princess and therefore life for the man she loved would be behind. In her quest for this knowledge she learns that the woman that has been found for her lover is beautiful, perhaps even more beautiful than she. Not only was the woman beautiful, but it was a woman that her lover already knew and she had seen them speaking to one another in the square on occasion. She also thought that they might even like each other because they had exchanged admiring glances between them. She also knew that the woman was hopeful that her door would be chosen because the man was handsome and chivalrous and brave. She hates this woman who she does not even know because she knows that her lover will not be unhappy with his new wife should he choose the correct door.

iris09 | Student

she spied and paid to know what was behind each door.

crystal-marie | Student

that she is maybe more beautiful then her

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