Christopher Columbus Questions and Answers

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From the story "Columbus and the Egg," which event was first, which event was last?

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Columbus discovered the Americas first.  He sailed for Spain since the Spanish were willing to fund his journey.  He, therefore, returned to Spain once he had discovered the New World. He was a hero, and everyone applauded his endeavor. While he was home, a man threw a party for him to congratulate him.  Everyone admired him, but jealousy did raise its ugly head.  Some of the men told him that he hadn’t done such a great deed.  Anyone could have done the same thing. “It was the simplest thing.” (pg 1) So Columbus challenged them to make a raw egg stand on its end. They tried, and when they couldn’t do it, he proceeded to show them how it could be done.  His remark to them was that something looks easy once you know how to do it. So, Columbus discovered the Americas first, and only after he had returned to Spain did the event with the egg take place.

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