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From a stakeholders' perspective (stakeholder meaning hospital, physician, patient, insurers, employers and government) what would be your recommendation to address issues over the uninsured?

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It is important to realize that essentially everyone in the United States is a stakeholder in the issue of people who lack medical insurance.  That is because everyone is affected in some way by people who are uninsured.  Even those people who are insured and do not know anyone who is uninsured are affected in that their insurance costs are affected by the need to pay for care for uninsured people.  Because there are so many stakeholders of so many sorts, it is impossible to say that there is any one single solution that would be best from the point of view of all stakeholders.

My own recommendation would be that insurance companies be allowed to create a variety of health insurance plans to appeal to a variety of people.  When insurance companies were allowed/required to compete for people’s business, they would presumably create a variety of plans that would be acceptable to most people.  Insurance companies would then be able to negotiate with hospitals and care providers to bring down the cost of care.  The government would need to be a part of this.  It would need to subsidize people who lacked money to buy insurance on their own.  This would allow people who were uninsured to afford insurance.

This seems like a good way to end the problem of having so many people who lack health insurance.  Of course, this plan is much easier to lay out than to actually get passed by the government and implemented.  

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