From Spinelli's Stargirl, what qualities about a person make them attractive? Why do you think Stargirl is attracted to Leo?  

Expert Answers
tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are usually two reasons for why people are attracted to each other: either they find a lot of similarities in one another's characters and/or personalities, or opposites simply attract. For Leo, Stargirl is attracted to him because she knows he is similar to her. They are both non-conformists; that is to say, they are unique individuals and not followers. For example, the student body of Mica Area High School ebs and flows with whatever or whomever is popular at the time. They are fair-weather fans, one might say. When someone hates Stargirl, for instance, people treat her without respect, but she doesn't care. Also, when everyone seems to hate Stargirl, Leo doesn't share their disgust with her. Leo is the only one who can see past the prairie dress and the odd name. For example, when Stargirl says she will go on the interview show called Hot Seat, Leo says the following:

"First I was surprised. This didn't fit my impression of her. I didn't know that this was an early glimpse of something I was soon to see much more of: behind the dazzling talents and differentness, she was far more normal than I had realized" (43).

Stargirl, therefore, must be attracted to Leo because she knows that he can see her for who she is. Everyone in the student body can't get over the fact that she dresses differently and doesn't live according to the majority's way of thinking. Leo understands this to a certain point, which allows his heart to be open to her invitations to be friends. It's not until classmates shun Leo and Stargirl for dating that Leo loses some of his individualistic tendencies. But in the beginning, not only is Stargirl attracted to Leo's looks, but she is attracted to his open, although somewhat shy, personality.