From short story,"Odour of Chrysanthemums" by D.H. Lawrence. Please explain this phrase,"Leaving Elizabeth Bates tend the children in a dark, squalid cottage she calls a "dirty hole, rats and all" 

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The quote 'dirty hole, rats and all' from the short story 'Odour of Chrysanthemums' by D H Lawrence refers to the standard of accommodation the miners,their wives and children were expected to live in. Elizabeth Bates (coming from a lower middle class family) does her best to keep hers as spick and span as she can but the damp, cramped living quarters and vermin get to her. She feels the expectations she had of her husband have fallen short and he chooses the beer and buddies at the local pub over coming in for his dinner and supportinmg her round the house and with the children. 'Is this what I came here for' she says bitterly' - her disappointment and anger showing through. She has to leave the children alone with the fire in the house in order to go looking for him, and is resentful as knows she should be tending them.

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