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by Albert Camus

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What are some examples of existentialism in "The Guest" by Albert Camus?  

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Albert Camus adhered to Absurdism more than he did Existentialism. Much like his character Daru, Camus perceived a world without reason. Nevertheless, not unlike the Existentialists, Camus felt that the individual must organize in his own way the chaos and absurdity of existence.

In the short story "The Guest ," Daru is placed in an absurd position. He knows that whatever he does, his actions will be misconstrued because this is a time of uprising and acts are repeatedly misinterpreted. When the old Corsican Balducci brings a prisoner to Daru and tells him to take this prisoner to Tinguit the next day because a revolt is brewing, Daru insists that it is not his job to transport prisoners; he contends that he is a teacher, not a policeman. Ignoring these words, Balducci orders Daru to do as he is asked, and he leaves the Arab with Daru. After Balducci departs, Daru lies on his couch pondering the absurdity of...

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