From the Revolutionary Era to the Constitution period, the United States changed due to dedicated leaders, persuasive documents, and what?

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This looks like the sort of question where there is an exact answer that you are supposed to find in your book.  We don't know what book you're using, so we may not come up with the same answer that you are supposed to find.  I suggest you look in your book to make sure.

I would add, as the third factor, the desire of elites for a strong economy.  In other words, the US changed from a more democratic country (during the Revolutionary Era) to a less democratic one (under the Constitution).  The reason for this was that the elites of the country were worried about excessive democracy creating a country that could not be economically strong.

The elites worried that the demands of the common people (as seen in things like Shays's Rebellion) would lead to the government making policies that would be ruinous.   They worried that the government would go too far to help the poor and, thereby, destroy the economy.  For this reason, they tried to pull power back from the people and make the country less democratic.  This was the most important way in which the country changed over this time period.

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