From reading the story “The Kite Maker,” describe how the days in the past were very different from the present.

In “The Kite Maker,” the past is shown as very different from the present in terms of personal relationships, the social system, and nationhood. Mehmood is a grandfather who reminisces about his former occupation being the kite maker of the title. In the hierarchical social system, now abolished, he worked for the local chief, or nawab. They lived in a large British colony that has now been partitioned into India and Pakistan.

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Ruskin Bond ’s story “The Kite Maker” presents the differences between past and present in rural India primarily through the nostalgic recollections of an elderly man. Sitting under a tree while his grandson flies a kite, Mehmood reminisces about village life when he was a young man. The story’s title is derived from Mehmood’s former profession. He recalls that life was leisurely and people had time...

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