From The Ramayana, identify and explain at least two examples of how Rama follows his dharma.

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In The Ramayana, Rama is the 7th incarnation of Vishnu—which is why he stands out as one of the greatest heroes of India. Rama represents the perfection of the princely class. Part of his perfection stems from the fact that Rama always strives to follow his dharma. Two ways that he does this during The Ramayana are when he accepts his father’s banishment willingly and when he volunteers to help protect Victrimitra in the forest.

Near the beginning of Rama’s tale, he volunteers to protect Victrimitra, the great sage. Victimitra comes to Rama’s father’s court in Kosala to ask for help defending the sages against demon attacks. The sages are performing religious rituals in the forest and are being harassed by demons who dislike the rituals. Rama comes to the aid of Victrimitra simply because it is the right thing to do. He defeats several demons and ensures that Victimitra and the other sages are safe. In volunteering to help, Rama is following his dharma by protecting an important...

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