From a point A(p,q) perpendiculars AP and AQ are drawn to meet the x and y axis at P(p,0) and Q(0,q) respectively. Find the equation of PQ 

najm1947 | Student

The equation can be written using different methods after calculating the slope:

Slope m = (y2-y1)/(x2-x1) = (q-0)/(0-p) = -q/p

a) The solution using two points method method is:

The equation of the line is y-y1 = m(x-x1)

=> y-0 = (-q/p)(x-p)

=> y = -qx/p +q

b) The solution using slope-intercept method:

intercept on y-axis = q

The line is y = mx+q

=> y = (-q/p)x + q

=> y = -qx/p +q