From Orwell's Animal Farm, what can points can be written in a persuasive speech for whom to vote: Napoleon or Snowball?From Orwell's Animal Farm, what can points can be written in a persuasive...

From Orwell's Animal Farm, what can points can be written in a persuasive speech for whom to vote: Napoleon or Snowball?

From Orwell's Animal Farm, what can points can be written in a persuasive speech for whom to vote: Napoleon or Snowball?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe that more detail is needed in order to compose this speech.  One specific detail that is needed would be when this speech is given.  Is it at a point where Napoleon and Snowball share power, such as the building of the windmill?  Is it at a point where Snowball has been branded as an enemy of the farm?  This is critical to establish.

If all things were considered equal, I think that the voting for either candidate would be dependent on what was valued.  If the voters were asked to place importance on the belief in the revolution, Snowball is the obvious choice.  This argument rests on how Snowball never wavered in his commitment to the revolution and to Animalism.  His following of the commandments was evident in all that he did and demonstrated.  Snowball was the most zealous in talking to the animals about Animalism and the impact it has on their lives and the farm, in general.  His intelligence regarding how to make the theory of the revolution into a reality is where voters would make their decision.

If the voters were asked to vote out of who is a better leader in terms of understanding the needs and demands of authority, the vote would have to go to Napoleon.  Napoleon proves himself to be the ultimate in leaders.  From the very first moments that the pigs have power, Napoleon is concered about leadership and how to maximize it.  Theory is secondary to practice for Napoleon.  The rearing of the pups into his security force is one such example.  The ability to assert unquestioned control on the farm would be another example.  While he is despicable in what he does, there is little argument as to who is the unquestioned leader of Animal Farm/ Manor Farm.  One does not have to go far in recognizing who is able to embrace the demands of leadership and embody it.  It is Napoleon, and I think voters would be persuaded by this.  Certainly, the animals the story are persuaded, in varied ways, of this quality within Napoleon.

e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Napoleon's eventual betrayal of the ideals of animalism could not have been fully predicted from the beginning, so his strong-points might be rather compelling if a vote had been taken before Snowball left the farm. 

Napoleon is emminently practical and intelligent. 

However, even given Napoleon's virtues, I would vote for Snowball. He is a visionary and a student of leadership. He does not only assume that his qualities qualify him for leadership, he reads books and improves himself so that this will become more and more true. Snowball accepts special treatment, yes, but he also works to deserve it insofar as this is possible. 

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Maybe it's because we have so many negative ads in political campaigns, but I think that I would point out the negatives about my opponent in this election.  If I were trying to encourage animals to vote for Snowball, I would certainly point out that Napoleon seems to be trying to take too much power for himself.  I would point out how he is using the dogs for his own security force.  I would point out how he's taken all the milk for the pigs, things like that.  I think that it would be much easier to campaign on the basis of pointing out Napoleon's bad attributes than on the basis of Snowball's good attributes.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Good topic! Napoleon is all brute strength and cunning. Snowball is intelligent, but not very popular. I always imagine Snowball as the one at the party, but not really part of the party. He is a nerd, and the other animals resent and are wary of his intelligence. Napoleon uses him until it's no longer expedient and then expels him. Snowball doesn't really see it coming because he's naive.
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would have cast my ballot for Snowball because of his intelligence, foresight and bravery in battle. As a leader, he cares more for the common animal and the good of the farm, unlike Napoleon, whose greed for power and luxury turned him against the goals of the farm.

kwimac | Student

I too believe that Snowball is a better leader compared to Napoleon. However, Snowball is also corrupted just like Napoleon as seen from an example in the Novel. Both Napoleon and Snowball agreed on having the milk all to themselves in the a chapter. From this example, Snowball is corrupted.

However, if you would compare both leaders, Snowball gave more chance of freedom of speech unlike Napoleon who cancelled all Sunday meetings and Debates. The animals thus lose a voice.