From the novel "The Prisoner Of Zenda," who do you think is the hero?

Expert Answers
parkerlee eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Rudolf Rassendyll, the protagonist, is a true hero because he does not only defend his own interests but also that of a noble cause. When he is mistaken to be the king, he temporarily assumes this identity not for personal gain but to prevent a treacherous villain from otherwise taking the king's rightful place. He fulfills this role at times even better than the king himself, even in his marriage to the queen. For once the "counterfeit" is better than the real thing! 

In the end Rassendyll relinquishes the privileges he has momentarily enjoyed and resumes his original identity. Not without remorse; for him honour is truly bittersweet.

mad-e | Student

Rudolf Rassendyll is the hero.

Princess Flavia is the heroine.

Duke Micheal is the villian.

shakspear | Student

The hero is Radoulf Rassendyll .