From Motorcycle Diaries, what are some example of gender difference?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One distinct example of gender difference exists in its lack of substantiation.  Fuser and Granado travel across South America and end up focusing on class differences as the defining element of consciousness in the world.  They do not see gender differences as helping to define a critical element in one's consciousness.  Gender differences are subjugated to a socio- economic reality that defines being in the world.  For example, when the boys encounter the Communist couple, they do not see the issue of expectations being different for a man and woman as defining reality.  Rather, it is because they are Communist, a socio- economic reality that the boys see as critical to defining reality.  One could argue that gender is as much a defining element in this world as much as class.  There is a noticeable abesence of the gender difference reality.

Another example or demonstration of the gender difference issue in the film is how the boys are seen as the social crusaders.  The boys recognize that their journey carries socio- economic transformative elements.  Yet, when the boys meet girls on their journey, they do not use the opportunity to enlist more people in their mission.  Rather, in seeing girls, the boys capitulate to the "boys will be boys" construction of identity.  The seduction of the house maid and the the relationship between Fuser and his girlfriend are not ones in which women are seen as able participants in the struggle for class consciousness.  Rather, women are seen as objects of love and sex, devoid of socio- economic voice and authentication of their predicaments in a material world.  In this, one can see how gender difference impacts the narrative offered in the film.