From To Kill a Mockingbird, what do you think of Miss Caroline Fisher as a teacher?  From To Kill a Mockingbird, what do you think of Miss Caroline Fisher as a teacher?  

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Miss Fisher is not a good teacher, at least not in the context of this novel. She insists on applying a mode of instruction that will undo learning that has already taken place in her students. For this reason, she does not seem to have her student's best interests in mind. 

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In To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout meets Miss Caroline Fisher on her first day of school. Fisher is Scout's teacher, and they do not get off to a good start.

After finding out that Scout can read, Fisher tells Scout that her father, Atticus, is not allowed to teach her anymore. Later in the same chapter (two), Fisher smacks Scout's hand for trying to explain why Walter Cunningham will not take money from Fisher.

Today, there are two problems with Miss Caroline Fisher. First, many modern teachers would not think of hitting a student--jobs would be at stake. Second, many teachers would love to find that a student loves to read and is already ahead of the curve.

At the end of the novel, Scout sees Fisher crying and states that she would have felt sorry for her if she would not have treated her so badly. I would have to agree with Scout's feelings here--ultimately, she deserves her sorrow.

I simply thing that Fisher is not a good teacher--if regarded in light of the modern teacher. If one were to look at Fisher within the time period, I am sure that my feelings would be very different. Teachers could take different allowances with students during this period. It was a time where schools were very strict with their students. Teachers were simply right, even if they were wrong. Students did not have the "right" to challenge them.

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Miss Caroline, Scout's teacher, provides an excellent example of irony in To Kill A  Mockingbird. Teachers should and do recognize and appreciate academic achievement. The exact opposite and unexpected behavior occurs in the interaction between Scout and her teacher.

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