From the information provided in the story, describe the character of Minnie Wright in "A Jury of Her Peers."

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Your question concerns either Susan Glaspell's short story, "A Jury of her Peers," or the one-act drama companion piece, "Trifles," also written by Glaspell.

Either way, Minnie Wright is a woman trapped in a man's world.  Her life is joyless and without happiness.  She is stuck in the role society requires her to fulfill.  She must be subordinate to her husband and has no life of her own.  Her world is her kitchen.

Her only peace and rest comes from a little, singing bird. 

When her husband kills the bird, Minnie won't take it anymore.  You know the rest.

What Minnie suffered from her husband is reflected in the dismissal of Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters by the other men in the story/play.  They are not considered worthy to do real detective work, but it is the two women that figure out what really went on in the Wright home.

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