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From a graduate level perspective, how can Foucault's genealogy concept be applied to Conrad's Heart of Darkness in detail?

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Foucault's concept of genealogy can be applied to Conrad's Heart of Darkness in a couple of ways.  The concept of Foucault's genealogy is linked to the idea that transcendent notions of truth cannot be readily accepted:

"...for the constitution of knowledges, discourses, domains of objects, and so on, without having to make reference to a subject which is either transcendental in relation to the field of events or runs in its empty sameness throughout the course of history."

Foucault affirms that the concept of genealogy is directly linked to being devoid of having "to make reference" to totalizing notions of the good.  There is a willingness to question a meta-narrative that seeks to answer everything and provide one singular path to the truth....

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