From the Redfern speech, outline the practical suggestions given by Paul Keating for righting the wrongs of the past inflicted on the aboriginals.

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Although this speech is one of the best-known and most important speeches in modern Australian history, it does not give that much in the way of specifics.  It is more important for the fact that Keating openly admits that white Australians wronged the aboriginals than for any specific practical suggestions.

Keating says that if white Australians open their hearts and see what they have in common with aboriginal Australians

we will see the things which must be done - the practical things.

However, he does not go on to list many specifics.  He does cite the creation of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation.  However, he does not say what it should do.  He talks about improving living conditions and health care in aboriginal towns, but he does not say how this will be done.

This speech is more about empathy than about practical suggestions.  What Keating really wants Australians to do is to understand the wrongs done to aboriginals and to feel the desire to right those wrongs.  Once that is done, he believes, specific details of how to right the wrongs will become apparent.

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