From the conquest of new spain, what did Montezuma think about the new people and what were the Aztecs doing when Cortez made his attack?

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kodasport eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Moctezuma was a very religious man.  He believed that these new people, the Spanish, were part of an Aztec legend of Quetazacoatl.  This legend stated that one day a god like creature would come from the ocean and visit the Aztec.  Cortez was believed to be a God by Moctezuma and religious advisers.  Because of this Cortez was allowed to establish himself of present day Mexico and plan his attack.

The Spanish Conquistadors had superior technology than the Aztecs.  The natives only possessed primitive weapons that were meant to destroy the Spanish equipped with canon and guns.  Not only did the Spanish have the advantage in weapons that fought on horseback.  The Aztecs were also unable to protect themselves with their weak leather armor.

The Aztecs were also weakened by disease.  Many natives died due to a lack of immunity to the European diseases brought by the invaders of the East.

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