In the novel, The Cay, from Chapters 3-16, I have no idea what is happening. Please give me a very detailed summary. Thanks.

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    Phillip Enright is a young man living in the Dutch West Indies who survives a shipwreck and is then blinded in the Theodore Taylor World War II novel, The Cay. Phillip's father is an oil company executive in Willemstad, Curacao. As German U-boats threaten the island, Phillip and his mother decide to head to safety in Miami. But their ship is torpedoed in April 1942, and the two are separated. After being hit on the head, Phillip awakes to find himself adrift on a raft with an old black man, Timothy, and a cat. Soon, his vision weakens, and he realizes that he is blind and must rely entirely on Timothy, a veteran sailor from St. Thomas.  

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