From Chapters 13-19, what are some conflicts? (I need two conflicts for Max and two for Freak.)I forgot the book and my assignment is due tomorrow!

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 13 of Rodman Philbrick's teen novel, Freak the Mighty, Max is called into the principal's office--alone, and without Kevin. Max is warned by the principal that his father, Killer Kane, may be getting out of prison on probation soon. Max ends up on the floor, being revived by a crying nurse. In Chapter 19, after Killer Kane has kidnapped Max and is holding him in an abandoned basement, Max witnesses his father choking Loretta (who has come to rescue him)--much in the same way that Killer choked Max's mother to death.

While Freak is eating his favorite meal, chop suey, in the school cafeteria in Chapter 13, he suddenly begins choking. He is taken to the hospital by ambulance while Max, not knowing what else to do, begins jumping up and down. Max is waiting for Freak when he gets out of the hospital in Chapter 14. Although Gwen the Fair allows Max to see Freak for a short while, it is obvious that Freak is discouraged about his medical situation. "I'm growing on the inside but not the outside," he says.