In the novel The Soulkeepers (Book 1), who is the antagonist? 

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Evil in the form of the Watchers is the antagonist of this novel, The Soulkeepers. In a narrative involving the conflict between good and evil, the protagonist Jacob awakens in a hospital after a nightmarish accident occurred in which his memory tells him his mother was attacked while driving by something with huge talons. A man who calls himself his uncle tells Jacob that he is taking him to Paris, Illinois, to live with him and his wife, Veronica. There, Jacob conflicts with students at school, particularly a boy named Dane, who attacks him, spurred into his acts by a mysterious female. In his first conflict Jacob discovers that he has a strange power with water.

Dr. Abigail Silva is a Healer who lives by Jacob's uncle and aunt; she informs Jacob, "There are three types of gifts that Soulkeepers possess. There are Helpers like me....Others are called Horsemen, the warriors....And then there are Healers. They are ones that can tell good from evil." Jacob asks why someone is needed to make this distinction; Dr. Silva explains that evil can disguise itself. Further, she informs Jacob that he has the power to fight evil. Evil comes in the form of the Watchers who tempt people to commit evil deeds. They are from Nod, a place that is just before Hell.