In the book "The Scarlet Letter", how do the magistrates react to Pearl and why?

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you are referring to Hester's visit to the governor, many magistrates want to take Pearl away from Hester. Her personality is a strange one and Hester goes to the governor to convince him to let her keep Pearl. But Pearl herself does not make this easy. When asked who made her, they expect the answer to be "God". However, she laughs and says her mother plucked her from the rosebush in front of the prison door. This appalls the magistrates and the governor is ready to take Pearl away from Hester. Fortunately, Dimmesdale is there and she immediately turns to him and almost orders him to defend her. Dimmesdale does defend Hester's care of Pearl and Hester is allowed to keep her daughter. Later in the novel, Hester's good deeds and life make some of the magistrates consider letting Hester remove the scarlet letter. However, she says she will not take it off.

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