Where is the climax of the play Ruined by Lynn Nottage?

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The climax of the play takes place when the government soldiers storm the bar, believing that the rebels are hiding there. Throughout the play, Mama and the people at the bar have played a dangerous game of trying to continue working safely during the war.

Salima has been avoiding speaking to the husband who shunned her after her rape. He's been outside the bar hoping for the chance to speak to her. However, when he is turned away too often, he goes to the leader of the government troops and tells them that the rebels have been at the bar. The soldiers are about to rape Josephine when Salima stops them by entering the room with blood on her body.

In her attempt to get rid of the baby conceived through rape, she did internal damage to herself. She is near death. However, she lets them know that they can't fight their wars on her body anymore. She dies with her husband, the soldiers, Mama, and the others around her.

This is the climax of the play because it's the moment when all the aspects...

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