From the book, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl how does Anne get her diary?

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Anne Frank and her family had to spend time in hiding after the German Occupation of Holland. In her diary, Anne relates all the mundane events of her existence together with information about the treatment of Jews at the time. In Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, the reader is first introduced to Anne on her thirteenth birthday, 12 June 1942.   

Anne receives the diary, which is in fact an autograph book which she chooses to use as a diary, on her birthday and she recalls her excitement when she spots it amongst her other birthday gifts. Anne had seen the book and admired it whilst out with her father a few weeks earlier. As Anne has not been able to form solid friendships, she hopes that the diary will be "a great source of comfort and support" to the point that she calls it "Kitty" and writes in it as if she is writing to a dear friend. 

When the family go into hiding sooner than expected, Anne is relieved that she remembered to take her precious diary with her which will become an outlet for her frustrations and developing personality. 

soukar | Student

Gift from her father..

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